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Getting to Know the National Disability Insurance Scheme

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a joint effort between the Australian government and the different territories to help people with disabilities. Disabled people can avail NDIS physiotherapy Brisbane services to help them have a better quality of life.

The NDIS program aims to help people with disabilities (PWDs) to live normally with the help of physical therapy. Since there is limited access to physical therapy due to its high costs, NDIS aims to eradicate this gap and to bring physical therapy to the people who need it most.

Objectives of NDIS

NDIS’s primary goal is to provide support to PWDs. The program ensures that PWDs engage in social and economic functions, just like abled people. For example, in speech pathology Brisbane clinics, speech therapists help patients speak normally to enable them to socialise with other people.

In essence, appropriate and accessible speech therapy can help PWDs live a healthy life without the hindrances of their disabilities. Aside from improvements in the quality of life of PWDs, NDIS also aims to provide proper funding for physical therapy services to offer more services to PWDs.

Moreover, NDIS aims to provide a “nationally consistent approach” of physical therapy to patients in Australia. With the implementation of NDIS, PWDs can access a comprehensive and patient-centred approach on occupational therapy Springfield has to offer.

Eligibility for NDIS support

The NDIS physiotherapy Brisbane has to offer depends on the patient’s eligibility to the program. The following are the requirements for NDIS support:

  • The intended place of treatment offers NDIS support
  • The patient’s age is between seven and 65 years old
  • The patient is an Australian citizen, resident, permanent visa holders, or under a protected special category visa holders.
  • The patient needs support or needs equipment due to a permanent and significant disability

PWDs who satisfy the eligibility requirements remain eligible for life. Apart from those mentioned, early intervention support is also a criterion considered for eligibility.

Funded NDIS support services

The NDIS Act of 2013 provides funding for support services to be offered for eligible PWDs. The following are the funded services that eligible individuals may avail:

  • Daily personal and transport activities to improve social, economic, and community involvement of eligible individuals
  • Workplace support
  • Therapeutic and behavioural support
  • Home support to help PWDs maintain a safe living environment
  • Mobility equipment
  • Home and vehicle modification
  • Equipment assessments and training

In application, speech pathology Townsville clinics may provide communication training, mealtime assistance, paediatric speech therapy, and training programs for parents, educational staff, workers, and carers. All of these will be NDIS funded.

Impact of NDIS

Improving the quality of life is the main goal of NDIS. Thus, NDIS can help PWDs experience the beauty of life. Young children with disabilities can experience socialising with other children. They can also attend schools and experience what a child without disability experiences.

For adults with disabilities, they can rejoin the workforce, or they can do their hobbies. Aside from these, they can also try sports and other physical activities. With the help of the government, PWDs can now live a life that they can call their own.

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